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Ok, so I lied. I was a purist for the last 20 years of my photographic life. Now that I’ve started a blog, and am lacking in the (sometimes forced) daily creativity, I’m finding that there’s nothing at all wrong with post-processing. Especially when with one hit of a button, a quite bland quick shot of an airplane – the trees, clouds, flowers and bugs just weren’t jumping out at me today – can become something a lot more mysterious and powerful.

So I checked out wiki, and learned something new today. Holga is a toy camera that “often yields pictures that display vignetting, blur, light leaks, and other distortions.” In other words, taking your picture from bland to WHAM. Yes, in all caps, it’s that special. Why don’t you give it a whirl yourself?


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Approaching storm

The sky was spectacularly fierce today, as a mighty storm was brewing. I sure do love me some crazy-looking clouds.

And while I am a photo purist at heart, preferring to leave my photos unedited, I started to play around a bit in Picasa, wanting to up the contrast a bit.

Pushed the ‘Holga-ish’ button. This is what happened.

Now THAT is a storm.

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Went for a walk in a local conservation area today, that has a great boardwalk through a marsh. Was struck by the dichotomy of the vertical and horizontal stripes. Nature’s plaid. Teehee.

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A watercolour painting created by nature.
This was in focus, but with a slow shutter speed, creating a blur effect. Cropped, but otherwise unaltered.

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A little bit of bleeding heart love

A little bit of bleeding heart love

Sounds like a song title to me

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Loving this discovery of the unfocus.

BTW, I don’t post-process, use software or filters. It’ll allĀ  be just me and the camera – what I see is what you get.

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An excuse

Wish I had a good excuse to leave the birthday bunting up a little longer.

Wait a minute…that’s a good enough reason for me.

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Storm sky

Not much can get my adrenaline pumping like photographing a stormy sky.

There’s something so raw, so energy-filled, so dynamic about the shifting clouds and changing light.

It’s what got me into photography. It was a good night to be reminded of that passion.

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Thought I’d try not to. I like what happened.

Red maple tree + gorgeous light + rich hues + unfocusing.

I’ll have to try it again sometime.

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Spring has been good. From it’s humble beginnings, to the first waves of summer, I’ve been feeling full of warmth, full of life. It’s been fun to get the hands dirty, too. Apparently I’m a closet gardener, recently unleashed. Who knew?