Nature-inspired etsy love

I love etsy. Who doesn’t?

I mean, it’s all there, in one perfect package: handmade goodness, dealing directly with the seller, a multitude of searchable products to select from, shopping from home.

I get a lot of my inspiration from etsy, too. I often try to emulate textures, lines, colours and shapes that I see in etsy products – colours in a painting I’ve fallen in love with, the simplicity of lines in a quilt, the organic essence of a piece of pottery.

So I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite discoveries here once in a while.

owl stuffies:

owlet stuffies . set of 3

magpie on pine linocut:

Magpie Bird on Lodgepole - Set of Linocut Notecards

silkscreen cloud print:

Silkscreen print - Escape

pinecone pendant:

Sterling silver Pine Cone pendant . Forest . Silver coated chain chain . Gift . Spring . Forest . Mother's day

Surround yourself in a little nature-inspired handmade art and goods – you won’t regret it.

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One thought on “Nature-inspired etsy love

  1. Love the silkscreen print, very pretty.

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