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Inspiration: Julian Bialowas

I stumbled upon Julian’s project ‘365q’ a few months ago, and was enchanted and inspired by his images.

It’s the same idea we’ve seen before – an image a day for a year – but he takes it one step further, coupling an element of design with his nature photography.

He adds quotes that give one pause, sayings to meditate with, words to live by.

I feel like he’s truly passionate about life, and wants the rest of us to join him by sharing his sense of adventure and need to be free, to go explore, to be one with nature.

If I could, I would plaster my walls with his images, and hopefully never see them, as I would be too busy living the words, finding the next adventure.

Looking forward to seeing more of what Julian’s photography and creativity will yield.

Check out the completed project here:

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Music Mondays: Hollerado

Local band, starting to make waves – nominated for a Juno in 2011 for Best New Band.  Heard somewhere that they sound like a blend of  Weezer, the Foo Fighters,  and Sloan.

I think they totally rock. Catchy tunes, especially ‘Juliette’, and ‘Americanarama’ (AWESOME video, btw, go see it, now!).

Check them out:

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Flower Study


Bellflower, macro, indirect light

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Prairie Patterns

Through the window of the airplane.  Alas, the quality of airplane plexiglass is not what it used to be. But the loveliness of the lines is still striking.


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From the Air

I’ve mentioned before that I’m inspired by clouds. But to be beside them, and over them, and through them takes that love to a whole new level. It would help if I wasn’t sandwiched between 2 preschoolers playing with their seat controls and raising and lowering their trays obsessively, but hey, such is life. Maybe if I became a pilot, then I could fly without the kidlets…hmmm…but I probably would be a wee bit too busy flying to take pictures. Anyway, that was a tangent, back to the peace and beauty of the clouds…


ahhhh, yes, that’s better.

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Headin’ west

On a vacation out west at the moment – camping, catching up with old friends, hanging with the family, it’s all good. Got a chance to quickly pop into the mountains, too, and had an exceptional wildlife experience. Yes that’s a teaser, I hope to upload some shots soon!

Stay posted…

Flower Study

Flower Study

Lobelia, unfocused

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The colours in this scene today were striking – black swallowtail butterfly, with iridescent blue and orange spots, perching on pink bergamot flowers, surrounded by green foliage and blue sky…

But what I wanted to highlight was all the shapes present – the delicacy of the antennae, the exquisiteness of the proboscis seeking the nectar, the grace of the wings, the elegance of the flower petals.

Black and white can totally transform an image, reducing it to one simple element – in this case, shape.

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Has it really been a week since I posted a cloud photo? Shame, shame.ImageImage

If ever I need inspiration, I look up.

If ever I want to be awed, I look up.

If ever I am seeking peace, I look up.

I can’t imagine living somewhere where you can’t see the sky – whether it be buildings or mountains in the way. Must be my prairie roots. I love the heady feeling of being overwhelmed by space. Don’t you?

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From the Archives: Fisherman’s ropes

Lines, colour, texture, all telling a story.


All you need for a full experience is the tantalizing smell of sea salt and dead fish, and you’d be transported right back to western Scotland with me – Girvan, I think. I’d tell you a little more about the village or the fisherfolk, but I didn’t understand a word they said. And after being married to a Scot for almost 10 years now, I’d have to say there’s no hope left in me.

Taken in 2007. Hope to go back one day, once I master the accent.

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