Canada Day Nature Hike

Headed out to a favourite spot here, a nice hike with the kids this Canada Day weekend. The harsh mid-day light allowed for some neat shadow play, and a slow shutter speed to play with movement. It’s always a balance, trying to enjoy my hobby while not taking away from the time with the kids. It’s easier when I’m in the ‘zone’, feeling creative, seeing photographic compositions every where I look. It also helps to be photographying subjects that don’t move – plants vs. birds, yes please!

Either way, I’m happy with what I came home with – the experience of a day out in nature, with the pleasure of my family’s company, and some nice shots.

Happy Canada Day everyone!




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One thought on “Canada Day Nature Hike

  1. You have used shadows to great effect in this post, creating patterns and adding texture with them. The compositions are also very nice, especially in the fern photography where again you have used the shadow very cleverly. The contrast of the highlights on the cattails is nice, perhaps you could darken the shot a little to enhance this? I would also have liked to see the heads of the bulrushes feature more in the shot, they don’t seem to move as much as the rest of the plant and it would have been interesting form them to remain still as the rest of the photo blurs, giving the eyes somewhere to focus amidst the chaos of motion. Great post over all, keep at it!

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