Inspiration: Julian Bialowas

I stumbled upon Julian’s project ‘365q’ a few months ago, and was enchanted and inspired by his images.

It’s the same idea we’ve seen before – an image a day for a year – but he takes it one step further, coupling an element of design with his nature photography.

He adds quotes that give one pause, sayings to meditate with, words to live by.

I feel like he’s truly passionate about life, and wants the rest of us to join him by sharing his sense of adventure and need to be free, to go explore, to be one with nature.

If I could, I would plaster my walls with his images, and hopefully never see them, as I would be too busy living the words, finding the next adventure.

Looking forward to seeing more of what Julian’s photography and creativity will yield.

Check out the completed project here:

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration: Julian Bialowas

  1. […] title. But I hope to share some images from my trip with you soon. Until then, are you inspired by Julian? Rockin’ out to Hollerado? If not, here’s an oldie but goodie to help you pass the […]

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