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Blue and Green in Poetry

Sunset. Low light.

A beating of wings.

Great blue.

Subdued green.

He croaked.

I panned.

He blurred.

I liked.

oh, and look, the bill is crisp! how I managed that, I honestly don’t know.

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Flower Study

Turtlehead flower, Chelone, symmetry, black-and-white

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Nature-inspired etsy love

Miniature wooden butterfly necklace:

Winter forest art print:

Snow princess spirit bear soft sculpture:

Rustic children’s chair:

Treat yourself to some handmade goodness!

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Rainy road trip

On the weekend we headed out of town to a friend’s birthday party, into the Quebec hills. We started the return trip just as the storm descended, and as I was the passenger, this allowed me ample time to stare at the 2-dimensional pattern out the window. In-focus raindrops coupled with the out-of focus world going by. I took lots of shots with my point-and-shoot, and I liked the blend of the crisp raindrops on the window, the horizontal stripes outside, and the trees with their reflections on the wet road.

As an aside, does anyone else find it hard to name their posts? I run the gamut, from simple (“rain”) to deep (“through the looking glass”), and I always feel so hokey. I admire people who can walk the line between clarity and art, and find that perfect balance in the titles of their posts. What would you have named this post?

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On a walk in Edmonton’s river valley, I came across a large poplar snag. It had most of it’s bark sloughed off, and was riddled with insect holes. So many would think this wood is dead and useless.

But oh no, on the contrary, it is alive, and plays such a vital role in the ecosystem.

Insect larvae live here, woodpeckers forage here and build cavities, owls nest here, and flying squirrels roost here.


Next time you see a cavity in a snag, walk up to the tree and knock on it – you never know who might pop his head out in surprise.

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I wasn’t kidding. They were atrocious.


My friend was walking in front of us on that ill-fated, brief hike in Jasper National Park. Thank goodness her baby was asleep. Not sure we would have heard ourselves thinking above the cry of the baby, the shrieks of my kidlets, and that abominable whine of the mosquitoes. Can’t you just hear it?


Can’t blame the kids though – I was pretty much in tears by the end, too.

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While in Jasper National ParkĀ  (being eaten alive by mosquitoes), I tried to play around a bit with watery reflections, trying to isolate the mirror without showing the actual subject.

‘Twas fun – I’m happy with the results.

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Layered peaks

The clouds were backlit, moving quickly through the mountains, blowing through after the storm the previous day.

I loved the way they created layers between the peaks.

The morning was perfect – except for the kajillion mosquitoes.

Not much can ruin a great photo op in Jasper National Park- but rain, crying kids, and voracious mozzies will do it.

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The new Art Gallery of Alberta’s steel swirls pay homage to the ribbons of the North Saskatchewan River and the Aurora Borealis.

It’s nice to finally have some modern architecture to grace downtown Edmonton.

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Flew home over Manitoba, leaving the sunset behind, as the watery world turned pink below me.

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