So got a new camera this past winter (yay!). Didn’t upgrade my SD card (boo!). So the camera that now takes 25 MB pictures? And the SD card that only holds 4 GB? And the awesome wildlife encounter in the Rocky Mountains? Let me tell you, it was ugly.

Imagine this, at an insane speed, and on repeat: take a picture, “CARD FULL”, panic, scroll through and erase a picture, take a picture, “CARD FULL”, panic, scroll through and erase a picture…all while desperately hoping that the Magical Moment Before Me would linger for just…one…more…shot…
This is just to let you know that all my pictures had to be downloaded often on my vacation, on someone else’s computer, so I could clear my card and continue taking pics. So I am momentarily without my pictures while I wait for my sister to buy a USB stick, and mail my images to me. How lame is that? I know, it’s sad. And a little pathetic. I guess I’ve been demoted from the ‘professional’ to the ‘oh-so-amateur, making-mistakes-like-that’ photographer title. But I hope to share some images from my trip with you soon. Until then, are you inspired by Julian? Rockin’ out to Hollerado? If not, here’s an oldie but goodie to help you pass the time.

Taken a long time ago, in early 2001, on our last day on the island of Zanzibar, just before heading home after 3 wonderful months backpacking through Africa.
My feet were painted with henna by a local woman, in the traditional style.  This image was scanned off a slide.

Oh, and yes, the situation has been remedied: I am armed with a 32 GB card. And will bring an external hard drive with me from now on. Lesson learned.

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