Rainy road trip

On the weekend we headed out of town to a friend’s birthday party, into the Quebec hills. We started the return trip just as the storm descended, and as I was the passenger, this allowed me ample time to stare at the 2-dimensional pattern out the window. In-focus raindrops coupled with the out-of focus world going by. I took lots of shots with my point-and-shoot, and I liked the blend of the crisp raindrops on the window, the horizontal stripes outside, and the trees with their reflections on the wet road.

As an aside, does anyone else find it hard to name their posts? I run the gamut, from simple (“rain”) to deep (“through the looking glass”), and I always feel so hokey. I admire people who can walk the line between clarity and art, and find that perfect balance in the titles of their posts. What would you have named this post?

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