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The shape of September.

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Flower Study

Sedum, pre-bloom, morning dew, close-up, unmodified


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From that fateful and fabulous morning in Jasper National Park, which brought much beauty, some madness, and one surreal experience.

The ground was covered in wildflowers, and the wildflowers were covered in dew.

Sparkles everywhere.

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Inspiration: Frank Grisdale

In my pre-photography (and pre-biologist) days, I stumbled upon some of Frank Grisdale‘s prints in an art gallery at the Banff Springs Hotel. I had never before seen nature photography that wasn’t documentary. Especially in Alberta, where everything is so photogenic – the vast prairie skies, the imposing grizzly bears, the awesome mountains. Frank’s work had a subtlety, a softness, an impressionist style that I found truly unique, and absolutely beautiful. Looking back on it a couple of decades later, I suppose he might be one of my first inspirations, almost a mentor (though we’ve never met). I have yet to define my own style, but his technique and perspective gave me the idea that photography is as much an art as a skill, and there are many ways to capture nature’s beauty, not all of them being through realism.

Check out his work here:

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Music Mondays: The Tallest Man on Earth

Feeling quiet, acoustic and folksy this Monday morning.

Maybe it’s the bittersweet recognition that summer is over, fall is here, and with the falling leaves and the garden harvest comes a bit of inward soul-searching.

Perfect listening to suit my mood is The Tallest Man on Earth. Here’s a lovely song called the gardener, filmed at sunset at a lakeshore in Sweden:

Check him out here:


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From the Archives: Over the Caribbean Sea

Caribbean sea, 2004

Rocking on the waves, blinded by the sun, and a little tipsy on rum punches.

Pretty great day.


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Ottawa Folk Fest

We managed to make it to part of Ottawa Folk Festival this past weekend. Some of it was rainy, some of it was cold, some of it we brought the kids to, some of it was more of a date. We saw some great shows though. It would have helped if I wasn’t such a shortie – I would have been able to see as well as hear the music – but such is my lot in life. The nice thing about a smaller festival is the ability to get up close and personal, and experience an intimate show from musicians who don’t usually play small venues anymore.

I decided to just bring the point-and-shoot, so these aren’t technically spectacular images, but they do bring to life the festival atmosphere – with the lights, the smoke, the emotion, and the passion.

And I’ve included links to some of my favourite songs:

Great Lake Swimmers

Ben Harper

Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans

Hey Rosetta!

Bon Iver

It’s all about the music.

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Flower Study

‘Shroom.  (I know, not technically a flower, but whatever.)

Holga-ish, point-and-shoot camera, overexposed.

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Take me out to the ball game

We headed into Toronto for a day to catch a Blue Jays game! (And around here, “To-ron-to” is pronounced “Ta-rawna”).

A disclaimer: baseball bores me to death (sorry if I’ve offended anyone), and isn’t all that captivating to 3 and 5 year olds, either.

But the train into town, the boats at the harbour, the airplane show zooming overhead, and the sights of the stadium made it one memorable day.

I played around a bit with texture, patterns, and shadows to make the time pass.


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Algonquin – Part 7

And…we’ve come to the end of Algonquin Week.

It was such a great experience! And don’t forget, we were there for only 24 hours, can you believe it? And even with 2 young kids in tow, and rain on day 2, there was so much to see and explore.

We will definitely be heading back there to live more adventures and drink in more beauty…hopefully sooner rather than later!



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