Algonquin – Part 1

Our first canoe-in camping trip with the family was a success! It was a quick pop into Algonquin park for a night , and in retrospect, it was a little on the wimpy side – no portage, only a 30-min paddle in,  leaving the option of an emergency exit possible. But having said that, being away from it all, with no access to electricity, toilets, or the car for a shopping trip into town to grab that forgotten item – makes it the most rustic trip we’ve done since kids. The peace was amazing, with only the sounds of nature surrounding us, ensuring I was totally relaxed. I wandered with the camera, while the kids played on the beach, and my man chased dragonflies and tiger beetles.

Best part of the trip? Dusk, when the day turned to night, and out came the creatures of the dark – crickets, nighthawks, beaver, and bats, whip-poor-will and the stars, oh the stars!

Worst part of the trip? Tough one, but possibly the water snake surprise (more to come on that in a later post), the sandflies, or the instant whole wheat cream-of-wheat. Disgustingly sorry excuse for food.

I have lots of images to show you, and this week is a good one to do so, as we’re all a little wrapped up in canning the bounty of fall, and getting settled into a back-to-school routine.

Here’s a few shots of the scenery:

Looking forward to showing you the beauty of the park, from every aspect – the water, wildlife, and flora. More to come!

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