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Happy Halloween!

Watch out for bats (*cough* geese, ahem).

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A happy Sunday morning to you. I hope yours is filled with comfort and warmth, however that is defined for you on this brisk Autumn day.

A good start might be pumpkin cinnamon buns and a chai latte. I sure do love it when my man pulls out the yeast, you know good things are a-coming.

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Nature-inspired Etsy Love

Soft toy owl:

Wooden cutout owl card:

Beach pottery owl:

Owl print:

Treat yourself to some handmade goodness!

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Twilight Ballet

Every evening, their calls carry across the sky, as they fly in formation above, heading to their nighttime roost.


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The beautiful



appearing all bejewelled,

was basking in the sun on such a

bright and

breezy day,

but was soon bothered by the photographer,

and bolted,


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Gray day + subtle fall colours + simple lines + pan and blur = soft landscape.

This image invokes calm for me.

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My 100th post! How crazy is that. When I started this blog, it was for personal reasons – I was really hoping to get back into photography, and enjoy being creative once more. And you know what it? It worked. I carry the camera with me more often, I think about an image or post that I want to seek out, I am trying new techniques, and new subjects, and I feel a bit of responsibility towards my followers, which is both encouraging and motivating.

I thought for this milestone post I would show a bit of my process.

Here’s a beauty, captured at a local butterfly show.

This is what the image looked like before it underwent some tweaking in Picasa:

The original shot was taken with my point and shoot camera, in a rush,  in a cramped setting, without any time for composition, no macro lens, nothing fancy.

The patterning on it’s wings are lost with the centered composition, the green colour, the leafy distractions. So I cropped the image, and then converted it to black-and-white. I could have played with the shadows and highlights, but it didn’t feel necessary here.

I love it when the act of simplifying an image brings out the beauty of it’s subject. Don’t you agree?

Let’s raise a glass to all the beauty and learning and sharing there is to be had in photography, nature, life, and blogs. And here’s to another 100 posts!


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I’m now craving a cupcake covered in red, orange and yellow sprinkles.

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Bright and Blue

So glad I captured the colour of the leaves when I did – soon, soon, the branches will be bare, and the world will be white.  Is it wrong that I’m excited?

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Forest floor

It was like an ocean of leaves, reflecting a sunset. With a green flying fish breaking the waves.

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