Night Light

I took a weekend course last October with Harry Nowell, learning about the art and techniques of night photography. It was a great experience – not only did I learn a lot, I really enjoyed running around the city taking pictures with fellow photographers, and I made a friend in the process (Hi Harry!). We learned proper exposure settings, how to pan and blur following moving traffic, light painting, and more. While I found it difficult to stick to the assignments – I am more of a think-outside-the-box, go-with-the-flow, ignore-the-rules kinda girl, it definitely forced me to explore and push my creative potential. I would highly recommend Harry’s courses.

Here are some images from that night.

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2 thoughts on “Night Light

  1. Harry Nowell says:

    Thanks for the note! It’s one of my favourite courses. And we’re taking it to Victoria in two weeks:

  2. […] – a nifty trick taught to me by Harry Nowell in one of his photography workshops, is to set the aperture at f/16 or smaller to get a starburst effect at your points of light. A […]

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