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Drive-by Patterns

A 5-hr highway drive is the last place I thought I’d be inspired, but nature decided to be generous, and presented me with a winter wonderland.

The light was soft, the snow was fresh, and there were patterns everywhere. On the return drive a few days later, I was pushed outside my comfort zone and challenged to think creatively and try new techniques. And all of this through the car window! So over the next few days I’ll share a few of the shots here, both the documentary-style patterns in nature, as well as the more abstract landscape stuff I’ve been enjoying lately.

Quite fitting, considering where this blog has taken me through the year, both personally and creatively. It’s been a fun ride, and I’ve learned a lot, and enjoyed being supported by the greater blogosphere in this endeavour.

So thanks, y’all, and Happy New Year.





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Mushroom ladders

A study of fungi in black and white, or a peek at where the wee woodland folk live?

Hmmm…not sure we’ll ever know.

(Yes, I have been into the holiday ‘spirits’ a little early this evening…)


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Bark Study

In Upper State New York last weekend, we headed to Sapsucker Woods, at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for a hike in the woods. The weather was bleh, with blustery winds, spitting rain, and a brown and snowless landscape. Thank goodness for titmice and children to help brighten the day!

I’m still learning my Eastern tree ID, so in my ignorance I will settle for being impressed by all the bark textures new to me.




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…and then the sun came out onto the frozen world. I had to put on my sunglasses, there were too many sparkles¬† – wait – I don’t think that’s even possible.



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Watch what you wish for, I guess.

I wanted snow! I wanted ice! I wanted excitement!

I woke up to a snowstorm followed by freezing rain – lovely to look at, but only because I wasn’t out driving in it.

In my pjs still, I grabbed the macro lens, and headed outside for 5 minutes before the melt started and the kids needed me.

This is one thing I was looking forward to after we moved out East. We rarely, if ever, had ice storms in Alberta. Which is a shame, as they are so goshdarned photogenic.




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Have been utterly uninspired by nature lately. Wishing for snow, but getting dreary rain and gray days, sucking the light and the life outta me.

So we turned the mood around, got out Christmas tunes, some hot chocolate, and put the tree up this weekend. I pulled out the camera for the first time in a while, and created this interesting little accident. It made me realize I needed the tripod, but all subsequent shots were not nearly as striking. So there you have it.

Here’s hoping you’re getting into the holiday spirit, wherever you are, however you’re celebrating, in the rain, snow, or sun.


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Blue and Yellow

Looking down, and looking up.

Snow and clouds.

Blue and yellow.

watchingitallunfold_blueandyellow1 watchingitallunfold_blueandyellow2



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From the Archives: Sossusvlei

Twelve years ago this weekend, my partner and I headed to Africa for a 3-month-long backpacking trip. I was young, wide-eyed, adventurous, and anxious to drink in as much of the sights and the culture as possible.

The sunrise race to the top of the dunes in Namib-Naukluft Park in Namibia was the stuff of dreams.

I would head back in a heartbeat. You should put it on your bucket list.


Shot with a Canon EOS Elan II, on Fujichrome Sensia 100 slide film, then scanned. Otherwise untouched.

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