Cabin in the woods

Ok, enough talk about fairies and elves – I think I’m scaring people. Sometimes writer’s block hits when I’m searching for words to accompany my images, and I get silly.  Not that there isn’t a time and a place for silly, but maybe heading to Middle Earth was stretching it a wee bit.

But for real now, the images over the last few days are all from this one hoarfrost event in Alberta, 2007. It was incredible (obviously). It’s also rare these days that I hop in the car with my husband and chase the shot, losing myself in photography and nature. Kids and life have distracted me from such creative pursuits, which is why this blog was originally created.  So after this image, I will try to post only new shots again, as that will motivate me to pick up the camera and head out the door – which is what it’s all about, n’est-ce-pas?



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