From the Archives: Denali Caribou

We lived an adventure in Fairbanks, Alaska back in 2003-2004. My partner was working as a biologist while I wrote up my Masters thesis in a small cabin in the woods outside of town. The winter days were enveloped in that magical blue light, and everyday at 12:30 pm I would bundle myself up against the cold and trudge down the road to the top of a little crest so I could feel the sun on my face for a few moments before it disappeared under the horizon. Needless to say, when summer rolled around you got out and about as much as possible, drinking in the daylight.

Being a biologist has it’s benefits – we managed to volunteer with a project in Denali National Park for a few days, with free room and board. What a majestic untouched piece of wilderness that is.  Even the ‘bou seemed in awe of the landscape and possibilities before him.


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2 thoughts on “From the Archives: Denali Caribou

  1. lylekrahn says:

    Beautiful shot. It sounds like a great time.

  2. warblerific says:

    Both the landscapes and the wildlife were stunning – it’s an amazing park.

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