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Just a-walkin’

Nothing to look at here.

Carry on.


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Lamb’s Ears*

The bees like to drink from the flowers, and I like to pet the leaves.

Win-win situation, I say.


*Best name ever!

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Bon Echo Provincial Park

First camping weekend of the summer – woot! woot!

Just over 2 hours away, a picturesque spot with everything you can ask for: canoeing, fishing, swimming and and hiking; campfires, card games, wine out of plastic cups, too many chips; raccoons, Blackburnian warblers, fireflies and a supermoon, a quick rainshower, some glorious sunshine, and great friends.

Cheers to summer – looking forward to many more trips into the wilderness!












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From pit to plant

Planted an avocado seed – and the loveliest little plant appeared, with a pink tinge to its leaves, growing faster than I can fathom.

Simple pleasures.


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Tall Ships 4

In case you thought I was crazy, I know this isn’t a picture of a tall ship.

However this water was lapping at the base of a tall ship, thus by association, I think it counts.

And besides, this is my blog, and I have ultimate power (bwahahaha!).


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Tall Ships Festival 2

The sailboats leaning into the wind, tacking to and fro, gracefully skimming across the water; le sigh.


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Tall Ships Festival 1

Bored kids, glorious sunshine, and spontaneity led us to the Tall Ships festival in Brockville on Saturday.

The tall ships were amazing, but for me the best part was watching the traffic on the St. Lawrence. I’ve never been near a busy water highway like that, and it was really entertaining – kinda like people watching from a coffee shop window.

Sailboats, speedboats, freighters, sea-doos, motorboats, kayaks, ferries, coast guard, yachts…I don’t even know all the different names of the vessels!

Definitely worth a visit, especially with little ones whose jaws like to drop at the sight of anything motorized.


Oh, and if you’re ever headed that way, Brockville has wonderful historical architecture, and we discovered a great restaurant I’d highly recommend: the Brockberry on King St.

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It’s the strangest thing. My husband and I have been photographers for ~20 years, and in all that time, we’ve never put up a single one of our images on our walls. We love our pictures, don’t get me wrong, but for some reason, they remain hidden away in boxes, cupboards, and hard drives. It’s hard to decide which one to put up, as there are so many to pick from, but I think the biggest issue is that it takes confidence to call oneself an artist, whose art is worthy of display.

Enough of that. I am printing out 16 of my favourite cloud images (recall: I have a slight obsession), and up they go, this weekend. I have an empty window frame that is begging to be covered in clouds of every shape and colour.


I’m using this as inspiration:

(from Design Sponge sneak peak: Nicolette Camille)

I want to be surrounded in images I love, and I can’t think of a better source than my own perspective and experience.


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Music Mondays: Lord Huron

Sitting in the dark, at midnight, not wanting to go to go to bed, listening to this on repeat. Anyone else avoiding sleep?

I’ll snap out of it tomorrow. Until then, let’s delay the morning.


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