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Woodland walk 1

It’s been a busy weekend! I’ve been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying this insanely good weather and the beauty of fall. I headed out for a solo walk in the woods on Friday, which happens far too rarely. It’s an entirely different experience to be able to stop and bird watch, or take my time composing a shot, without the pressure of other people’s needs or expectations.

Here, the lovely milkweed pod, spreading her seeds to the wind. Considering the monarch butterfly’s numbers are down this fall, every time I see one of these it gives me hope.

Just a caveat:  I would normally group a few images together in one post, but I find that few people click through to my site, so they usually only catch the first image in a gallery on the Reader. This is why I often post an image a day from a particular outing. I hope that’s not too annoying!


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Jack Pine Trail 5

It’s happening…! Fall is upon us, the air is crisp, the harvest is coming in, the leaves are a-changing, and life is good.

Happy weekend everybody! I hope you get out and enjoy the season wherever and however you can.


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Jack Pine Trail 4

Straight as an arrow above, with signs of wavering below – it’s like the face we put on each day as we go out to meet the world.


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Jack Pine Trail 3

It’s that moment at the concert where everyone pulls out their lighters and waves them over their heads, singing along because they know all the words.watchingitallunfold_jackpinetrail3

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Jack Pine Trail 2

Raindrops and reflections transforms the pond surface into colliding concentric circles.


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Jack Pine Trail 1

We went for a wander on the trails along Moodie Drive on a blustery Sunday in September.

Jack Pine trail is one of our favourites, encompassing marshes, deciduous and coniferous forests, birds that will eat out of your hand, and mammals that are on the tamer side of wild. There were showers on and off, and a bit of a cool wind, but always, always, there is some magic to behold in the woods.


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Music Mondays: Vampire Weekend

It has been over a week since I saw Vampire Weekend live at the Ottawa Folk Fest, and the show is still replaying over and over in my head. Their new album Modern Vampires of the City is amazing, very fresh, catchy, and musically very tight, and I’ve been been playing many songs on repeat around this house. One in particular I Cannot. Get. Out. Of. My. Head. (so so good).

Don’t say I didn’t warn you…



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Alien monks

These monkshoods are slowly morphing into blooms, showing tinges of the purple flowers they will become.

In the meantime, they are looking a bit too much like aliens for my liking…


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From the Archives: Monteverde

These last couple of weeks have been a little rough around here – hectic schedule with the start of school, some field work for my partner, a few days at the folk festival, and now our first colds of the season. Albeit to say, I haven’t pulled my camera out much lately. But looking ahead to a long winter on the horizon, we plunged right in and booked a getaway to somewhere warm and wonderful. I’m now slowly getting excited to see all that the tropics have to offer – rainforests and beaches, hiking and snorkeling, birds and bugs…

Can. Not. Wait.

In the spirit of the potential of the upcoming trip (months away still, but a girl can dream!): here’s a shot from high up in the Costa Rican cloud forest, Monteverde. A must-see spot if you’re ever around those parts – full of biological wonders appearing out of the mist.


Monteverde, February 2008

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Crazy creature

At first encounter, we thought this was a damselfly; after a closer look, it was obviously a crazy-looking wasp with a super-long abdomen (a pelecinid – what would we do without google?).

We discovered this guy at Lytle Park in Ottawa – a lovely spot with some nice trails, lots of grass to run around in, rocks by a pond for a rest and some quiet thoughts, bobolinks singing in the field across the road, and a favourite playground of our kids. There was a fallout before the storm, and we caught glimpses of some migrating warblers. A couple geocache finds, and we called it a (good) day, with the promise of coming back soon.


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