From the Archives: Monteverde

These last couple of weeks have been a little rough around here – hectic schedule with the start of school, some field work for my partner, a few days at the folk festival, and now our first colds of the season. Albeit to say, I haven’t pulled my camera out much lately. But looking ahead to a long winter on the horizon, we plunged right in and booked a getaway to somewhere warm and wonderful. I’m now slowly getting excited to see all that the tropics have to offer – rainforests and beaches, hiking and snorkeling, birds and bugs…

Can. Not. Wait.

In the spirit of the potential of the upcoming trip (months away still, but a girl can dream!): here’s a shot from high up in the Costa Rican cloud forest, Monteverde. A must-see spot if you’re ever around those parts – full of biological wonders appearing out of the mist.


Monteverde, February 2008

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One thought on “From the Archives: Monteverde

  1. Rachael says:

    Gorgeous shot. We are hoping to make it to Costa Rica in 2015.

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