Woodland walk 1

It’s been a busy weekend! I’ve been spending a lot of time outside, enjoying this insanely good weather and the beauty of fall. I headed out for a solo walk in the woods on Friday, which happens far too rarely. It’s an entirely different experience to be able to stop and bird watch, or take my time composing a shot, without the pressure of other people’s needs or expectations.

Here, the lovely milkweed pod, spreading her seeds to the wind. Considering the monarch butterfly’s numbers are down this fall, every time I see one of these it gives me hope.

Just a caveat:  I would normally group a few images together in one post, but I find that few people click through to my site, so they usually only catch the first image in a gallery on the Reader. This is why I often post an image a day from a particular outing. I hope that’s not too annoying!


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3 thoughts on “Woodland walk 1

  1. Teresa Graham says:

    Love it!

    Sent from My ipad

  2. Teresa Graham says:

    Magnificent photography…..I would love to attempt to paint some of your images, with permission of course…..
    Teresa Graham

  3. warblerific says:

    Thank-you so much! Of course, you are more than welcome to paint some of my images – in fact I’d be honoured! I’d love to see the result when you’re finished 🙂

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