In my neighbour’s yard 1

I have the best neighbours. And they have the best backyard. I took the liberty of wandering through their space with my camera on a crisp sunny morning this fall, to see what I could see, and capture what I could. I got a serious crick in my neck trying to line up the sun with a hole in the leaves just the way I wanted, but it turned out pretty good, so it was worth it.

FYI – a nifty trick taught to me by Harry Nowell in one of his photography workshops, is to set the aperture at f/16 or smaller to get a starburst effect at your points of light. A simple technique that has been lots of fun to play with (thanks Harry!).


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2 thoughts on “In my neighbour’s yard 1

  1. jean says:

    and We have the best neighbours too \o/

  2. Rachael says:

    Nice job. I am a big fan of the f 16 starburst too. It’s amazing how many people ask me if I’ve used a special filter and look dumbstruck when I tell them it’s just f16. 😉

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