Winter Light Study

It’s freezing cold out, but when the sky is blue, the sun is blinding, the snow is fresh and powdery, your cheeks are frozen and you don’t want to stop moving for fear you’ll freeze in place, man, does it ever make you feel alive! There’s no way in heck I am pulling out my DSLR when it’s 25 below zero (celcius), but when I see shadows on fresh snowfall, I can’t help but snap a few pics on my phone.

Here, winter light, and winter shadows, three ways:






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4 thoughts on “Winter Light Study

  1. LOVE LOVE the 3rd photo. Beautiful!

  2. I appreciate you venturing outside in the cold, taking the beautiful photos and bringing them back to me to enjoy in my warm house.

  3. warblerific says:

    Haha, Diane, you’re welcome! Have a wonderful (and warm) holiday season ๐Ÿ™‚

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