Owl Bonanza

A Sunday drive in the surrounding agricultural areas yielded three (3!) Snowy Owls within a kilometer stretch of one road. That’s just nuts.


This is most likely a female, due to size and colouration (females are bigger, males are whiter). Her glare is a little unnerving, don’t you think? But she was so calm and not at all bothered by us.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about the irruption going on right now, but there is a smorgasborg of Snowy Owls all over North America, a result of a very successful breeding season up North (thanks to a high lemming population). They’ve even made it as far South as Florida! So if you’re keen to spot an owl or two, head out of the city where there are wide open fields, and check on the tops of fenceposts and power poles. Happy searching!

If you’re wanting to know more about why the owls are here, I’ve added links to a few articles explaining the occurrence:

Washington Post article

Tree Hugger article

National Geographic article

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