Monthly Archives: July 2014

Movin’ On

Hey folks,

After 2 years, I’m hanging up my blogging shoes, and moving on.

This site was originally created to get me back into photography, as I had lost the passion and creativity in recent years. It definitely did the trick – I brought my camera with me everywhere, and with multiple posts a week, I feel like I refined my eye, and developed a new perspective.

But I also learned that I am, for better or worse, a social creature. And while I’m sure there are viewers out there, I wasn’t getting the feedback, via views, likes, or comments, that I needed to feel fulfilled, creatively. The blogging community I had heard so much about wasn’t reaching out to me. Maybe I wasn’t as involved as I should be? Maybe I needed to comment more on other posts, or use more tags, or add more text to my posts? Whatever the reason, I’ve decided to move on to the next chapter, and have joined instagram (@warblerific). So far, it’s been fun to explore the IG community, and widen my photographic repertoire beyond nature documentary, into a bit more of a discourse on life.

Thanks to all who supported me in this space, and who appreciated my small addition to the photo-blogging world. I hope I opened your eyes a little to the beauty of the natural world, and I hope I brought a little bit of happiness to your days. Who knows – I might just find myself back here some day.

Until then, live life to the fullest. There is so much beauty out there to appreciate, so many adventures to be had. Enjoy!

Until we meet again (maybe even on instagram!),