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Backlit sumac

Yep, that pretty much covers it.



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In my neighbour’s yard 3

Dark understory, bright overstory, and a wide angle lens – suddenly I’m transported from a backyard garden to a world where Ents exist.


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In my neighbour’s yard 2

While the roses are long gone, there is still much to appreciate in a fall garden.

It was really hard to meter this correctly, ensuring the frost sparkled, but didn’t get washed out, and trying not to get the leaves to show up as black. Every leaf was on a different plane, too, so I had to tweak the depth of field to get certain leaves but not others in focus. While this image captures the essence of the glittered rose leaves that morning, it can probably be improved on. No matter, I definitely learned a lot in the process of composing this image. And I can always head back down the road to my neighbour’s yard to try again some day.


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In my neighbour’s yard 1

I have the best neighbours. And they have the best backyard. I took the liberty of wandering through their space with my camera on a crisp sunny morning this fall, to see what I could see, and capture what I could. I got a serious crick in my neck trying to line up the sun with a hole in the leaves just the way I wanted, but it turned out pretty good, so it was worth it.

FYI – a nifty trick taught to me by Harry Nowell in one of his photography workshops, is to set the aperture at f/16 or smaller to get a starburst effect at your points of light. A simple technique that has been lots of fun to play with (thanks Harry!).


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Woke up to our first frost – if you squinted just right, you could imagine the world was covered in confetti – what a party it must have been!


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Mighty Beech

I’m still attempting to learn my Eastern tree species.  Let me tell ya, there are just a few more out here than I’m used to in the Alberta boreal forest. There I think I had, um, 7 species to ID. Here, there are dozens (at least).

But the smooth bark, straight trunk, and majestic crown of this showstopper isn’t one I’m likely to forget, especially during a fine display of fall colours.


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Amherst Island – a photographic essay

A sunny Friday, a day off school for the kids, and an air of spontaneity – who’s up for a day trip to Amherst Island?!  The kids were gung-ho (there’s a ferry involved), my husband was all keen (there are migrating birds involved) and I had a new lens to play with – et on y va! Amherst Island is just west of Kingston, in Lake Ontario. A short trip in the car, and we arrive just in time to make the ferry – only a 20 min jaunt across the water.

There’s not much to the Island, which is what makes it so special. Some gravel roads, cows and sheep, an old cemetery (with dates from the 1800s), lovely views across the lake, and Owl Woods. We tried our darndest to find some owls, searching up and down the trunks of the cedars, but it’s the wrong season – we’ll have to try again over the winter. (Maybe next time we won’t have to bushwhack through the willows on our way out.) But the island didn’t disappoint with regards to avian diversity. Highlights included northern harriers circling overhead, a merlin perched above us, a mixed flock of warblers in the cemetery that included a northern parula, great blue herons hunting out in the fields (for grasshoppers?) and huge flocks of starlings hanging with the sheep. The starlings didn’t do their crazy dance in the sky (that’s on my bucket list to see), but they were entertaining nonetheless.

All in all, a great day out. We ended up in Kingston for dinner, and managed to do some stargazing out the window on the way home. Soul-satifying, it was.















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This thanksgiving weekend we spent a lot of time out in the woods  – the weather screamed at us to enjoy it, so we listened, willingly.

A hike in our favourite haunt – Jack Pine Trail – was just what we needed. Surrounded by sunshine, colourful leaves, and spirited children, I can’t help but love this season. Of course, turkey with all the fixings, and (homemade!) pumpkin pie doesn’t hurt, either.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and took the time to stop and be grateful for the simple things – for me, I’m starting with Fall.


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Got onto my belly to get a shot of the morning dew – which ended up soaked into my clothes.

All for the love of photography 🙂


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Green Frog

A friendly encounter with a green frog on King Mountain trail in Gatineau Park.


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