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Birch wall

I recently visited my newly-found, favourite birch grove again. I must have looked like a doofus, swaying back and forth, leaning a little this way, then that way, until I got into *just* the right awkward pose to create exactly what I was hoping for: a wall of birch, with no sky or ground showing, just glowing white trunks lined up in a row.

This makes me happy, which is weird, but that’s the way it goes.




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Rural Abstracts 1

A drive through the countryside with nothing but flat, gray light and a bleak end-of-winter landscape forced me to see the world through different eyes.

I rarely stretch my imagination like this, as I prefer to take pictures of nature being beautiful, but looking for lines and contrast instead of colour and detail gives me a new perspective, and  helps me to develop my creativity.

And, well, it’s just fun, with neat results!


This image I took at my recently found birch grove. I’m so excited about it! Birch is my favourite tree, so to find a dense stand nearby allows me to revisit frequently, and play around with the trees photographically. You’ll be seeing more of this forest through the months.

This image isn’t post-processed, except for a little change in contrast. I used the blur technique, where you set a slightly slower shutter speed, and move the camera up or down while taking the picture. Easy to do, with interesting results – try it!

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