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Ice Storm 4

As it is the New Year, everyone is talking about resolutions – mostly how to make them, but also how funny it is that we make them (’cause they will most likely be broken, and soon). So let me add my voice to the chorus:

I resolve this year to notice shapes and textures, shadows and sparkles, light and movement and beauty and simplicity and lines and contrast and colour and everything that makes the world so astounding that I can’t help but gasp. And then I will snap my shutter. But I will do my darndest to notice first, drink it all in, and THEN to capture it all. It’s good for the soul. And I resolve to then share my images here with you. Shouldn’t be too hard to keep this one…I hope!


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Ice Storm 1

Growing up out west, we had our share of weather phenomenon to endure and appreciate, but nothing like an ice storm. My favourite was always hoar frosts, where you’d wake up to a world covered in snow crystals. But freezing rain creates an entirely different effect – the world is covered in ice, making a sparkling glass kingdom out of nature. It is truly breathtaking. After 3 winters out East, I hope I never lose this sense of awe and wonder I have when witnessing an ice storm.


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