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Crazy creature

At first encounter, we thought this was a damselfly; after a closer look, it was obviously a crazy-looking wasp with a super-long abdomen (a pelecinid – what would we do without google?).

We discovered this guy at Lytle Park in Ottawa – a lovely spot with some nice trails, lots of grass to run around in, rocks by a pond for a rest and some quiet thoughts, bobolinks singing in the field across the road, and a favourite playground of our kids. There was a fallout before the storm, and we caught glimpses of some migrating warblers. A couple geocache finds, and we called it a (good) day, with the promise of coming back soon.


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June in August

Sorry about the radio silence over here. We were out of town for a couple of weeks, doing a tour of campgrounds in upper New York state. It was a great camping trip, even with our tent floating in rain-created lake, and a ripped quad muscle at the most inopportune time (a story for another day). But the campfires, views, hikes, wildlife, and friends more than made up for any shortfalls.

On one such rainy morning, we headed to the W!ld Center in Tupper Lake, NY. What an amazing museum, you have to check it out if you’re in the area. Totally hands-on and interactive, it is a model of what a nature museum should be. The kids had a blast, but what was surprising was that I did too. You have to love a design that caters to every demographic, and even manages to teach some biologists a thing or two.

On a short hike outside the centre, I encountered these *ahem* preoccupied June bugs, in a delicate position. I love the way their colouring is highlighted by the browning leaves.


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Bath time

Sunset bath on top of an Echinacea – looks so peaceful – if I could, I would.


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Look at how shiny! I have no idea what they are (some kind of a hoverfly maybe?), but I loved watching them do their little mating dance in the garden.

So far I’ve seen a few different versions, all metallic –  green, orangey-yellow, and fiery red.

I’m slowly learning the patience needed for macro photography; hopefully the skill will follow.

Although I think what I need more is to build up my hand strength – good grief that lens is heavy, for real!






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Hunkering down

If we all had such beautiful places to wait out the rain we might not complain so much when the sky starts to darken.


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