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Ice Storm 3

On Christmas Eve, it was -24 C outside, but the sun was shining and we were restless, so we ventured out for a c-c-c-cold 45 min jaunt through our local conservation area. I was frozen to the core, but happy to be in the sun. The kids were just happy, not noticing numb cheeks or icy fingers.

That’s usually the way things go around here. While I use the kids as my scapegoat, it’s usually me full of reservations and excuses. No longer, I say! Get off my butt, I say! ‘Tis a New Year, the opportunities are endless, and I am the master of my fate. And there are ice storms leaving delicate layers of ice on branches in the sun, just waiting to be photographed.


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This thanksgiving weekend we spent a lot of time out in the woods  – the weather screamed at us to enjoy it, so we listened, willingly.

A hike in our favourite haunt – Jack Pine Trail – was just what we needed. Surrounded by sunshine, colourful leaves, and spirited children, I can’t help but love this season. Of course, turkey with all the fixings, and (homemade!) pumpkin pie doesn’t hurt, either.

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and took the time to stop and be grateful for the simple things – for me, I’m starting with Fall.


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A medley of (NY) mushrooms

I decided to leave behind my favourite lens on a hike in the Adirondacks, and only packed my 20-35 mm. While it took me a while to warm up to the new perspective, it was a bit of an empowering experience, to let the lens dictate the subject and composition. This meant that I was on my belly a lot, photographing the multitude of mushrooms that were gracing the forest floor after the rains the area had experienced. I can’t identify them – I’m an ornithologist, not a mycologist – but I can definitely admire them! (Make sure to click through to see the full set.)

The hike began at the High Peaks Information Center, and was up to Marcy Dam, a total distance of 7.5 km return. I was super proud of our kids for accomplishing almost the whole hike on their own two feet – not too shabby for 4 and 6 year olds! We are slowly but surely upping their endurance, one hike at a time. One day they will be waiting for their parents to keep up with them…!










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The day was muggy, buggy and drizzly, but with restless kids, that didn’t stop us from getting on our bikes and heading out for a quick geocaching misssion.

After a quick snack at a saskatoon bush, our last cache had us arriving at the river’s edge, with still water, a flat white light, and some overhanging branches creating the perfect little hideout.





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Cat nap

It’s been a busy week. I’m envious of this mallard drake’s ability to catch a cat nap on a sunny rock. I wish!

Here’s hoping for a  good night’s sleep to prepare for the craziness of a 4-yr old’s birthday party – wish me luck tomorrow, I’ll need it.



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I’ve been away from this space for a bit, for not so good reasons – sick as a dog, and super grouchy about the lingering winter (I don’t want to take more pictures of snow!) – and good ones, too – Easter weekend,  visiting family, and a whiff of spring.

Let’s ignore the former, and focus on the latter now, shall we?

God, how I love April. Happy spring!




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Music Mondays: Sin Fang

Sin Fang is called an ‘experimental folk-pop artist’, coming out of Iceland. However you classify his music, it comes down to one thing: I can’t get this song out of my head.

My kids are singing it under their breath, but have changed the words to ‘sneaking in the woods’….I’m trying to keep them pure as long as I can (wish me luck with that).

This one is great too:

Sin Fang is apparently part of Seabear, which you should also check out.

I heart new music. If ever you care to share some of your music loves with me, I’ll gladly lend an ear, with gratitude.

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Spruce tree in a Snowstorm

A mix of rain, sleet, ice pellets and snow.

Good thing I have nowhere to go today, and instead I get to stay in my pjs, drink hot chocolate, and build a cardboard castle for Playmobil and Lego figures.

I know, you’re jealous. Sorry ’bout that.

watchingitallunfold_spruce tree  in a snowstorm

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From back in the fall, on a walk with the kids. Back when I knew what season it was, and there wasn’t a metre of snow followed by a rainstorm in January. What’s going on out there?!

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Watch what you wish for, I guess.

I wanted snow! I wanted ice! I wanted excitement!

I woke up to a snowstorm followed by freezing rain – lovely to look at, but only because I wasn’t out driving in it.

In my pjs still, I grabbed the macro lens, and headed outside for 5 minutes before the melt started and the kids needed me.

This is one thing I was looking forward to after we moved out East. We rarely, if ever, had ice storms in Alberta. Which is a shame, as they are so goshdarned photogenic.




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