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Rainbow scum?

When the local pond scum starts to look like rainbows, you have to question what exactly was in your drink the night before…

No filter. Just nature, a little high on life.



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Weekend Highlights

Some highlights from a spring weekend spent on the trails in South Ottawa: a rainy walk at Richmond Conservation Area, and a sunny jaunt at Beryl Gaffney Park. Two local spots that we love to explore, through every season, to see what we can see.











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Birch wall

I recently visited my newly-found, favourite birch grove again. I must have looked like a doofus, swaying back and forth, leaning a little this way, then that way, until I got into *just* the right awkward pose to create exactly what I was hoping for: a wall of birch, with no sky or ground showing, just glowing white trunks lined up in a row.

This makes me happy, which is weird, but that’s the way it goes.




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A tangible sky

It took it’s sweet time, but it appears as if spring has finally arrived. While I could show you pictures of the melting snow, the singing robins, or the kids on bikes, what really stood out for me today was the colour of the sky after the sun went down. It had this incredible quality to it – something tangible, something that gave pause to the busyness of the day. In shades of mint and teal, indigo and turquoise, the sunny spring day turned to night, and there was hope that winter was putting herself to rest.



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From the Archives: Fishermen at dawn

A long time ago, I went backpacking for 3 months through Africa. The morning of our long voyage home, knowing that a once in a lifetime trip was wrapping up, I woke at dawn to walk on the beaches of Nungwi, Zanzibar. A storm was passing on the horizon, and the fishermen were waiting in their boats for the tides, to begin their day’s work.

This image brings back a flood of memories – the emotions of saying good-bye to this amazing continent, the electricity in the air from the storm, and the friendliness of the fishermen, who bade me join them for breakfast on their boat (which I did). Travel is in my blood; pictures are what keep the memories alive. I can’t imagine my life without travel and photography.


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Get Outside!

We just got back from a walk in the woods at Baxter Conservation Area, which has some great trails in the forests along the Rideau River. What an incredible day! It’s gorgeous out there – if you’re experiencing a hit of spring weather like we are in the Ottawa Valley, oh my goodness get outside and enjoy the sun, the melting snow, the porcupines in the trees and the purple finches singing.




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Rural Abstracts 1

A drive through the countryside with nothing but flat, gray light and a bleak end-of-winter landscape forced me to see the world through different eyes.

I rarely stretch my imagination like this, as I prefer to take pictures of nature being beautiful, but looking for lines and contrast instead of colour and detail gives me a new perspective, and  helps me to develop my creativity.

And, well, it’s just fun, with neat results!


This image I took at my recently found birch grove. I’m so excited about it! Birch is my favourite tree, so to find a dense stand nearby allows me to revisit frequently, and play around with the trees photographically. You’ll be seeing more of this forest through the months.

This image isn’t post-processed, except for a little change in contrast. I used the blur technique, where you set a slightly slower shutter speed, and move the camera up or down while taking the picture. Easy to do, with interesting results – try it!

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We’ve been looking for these guys in the neighbouring rivers for a year now, ever since this encounter. So it was a  surprise to see them today, but as always, a pleasure – they look like they’re having so much fun, slipping in and out of the water, rolling around on the ice.

We couldn’t get very close to them, and it was freakin’ cold out so I didn’t last very long, but now that we know where to look, I hope to head back and get better images of them soon. ‘Cause they’re such a RIOT!*watchingitallunfold_found

*A little bit of biologist humour there…If you take the first two letters of each word in River Otter, it gives you their shorthand name: RIOT. Get it? Haha, haha. Sigh.

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On Fire

The setting sun set fire to the marsh, engulfing the cattails in flames.


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The Three Giants

While towering and imposing, they were still gracious enough to let a sunbeam or two through their defenses.


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