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Rainbow scum?

When the local pond scum starts to look like rainbows, you have to question what exactly was in your drink the night before…

No filter. Just nature, a little high on life.



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So this is how it works.

I drag the camera around with me all day. The light is white and harsh. I’m too busy, too distracted to be inspired. I have the wrong lens with me. I am resigned to fate – there’s no creativity flowing today.

Then, after dinner, with the kids playing on the lawn and the sprinkler on – magic hour arrives. And WHAM! everywhere I look, there is nature seducing me. The glow through a leaf, the colour of a cloud, the silhouette of a bird. And the crazy thing is, this is all in my front yard. Imagine if you had the flexibility and ability to get out, exploring new sights, wandering wherever inspiration leads you.

So I take what I can get within the confines of my yard – and magic happens.




And I am reminded, once more: it is ALL about the light.

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